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Library documents for ADT 24 hour home protection | Pulse | Home Automation
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Library documents for ADT 24 hour home protection | Pulse | Home Automation
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24 hour monitored home and business security and automation

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Every home automation feature:

Looking purely at home automation, ADT Pulse® is right at the top of the industry. The place where the standard ADT home security system falls short is the exact spot where ADT Pulse excels. ADT Pulse® has every home automation feature available, including the ability to adjust the temperature remotely, control small appliances from other locations, and schedule certain automation, like having the lights turn on at a specific time. It’s very clear that Pulse is a much more high-tech option than the regular ADT system.

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Stable and recognizable company:

By taking your business to ADT, you can rest assured that you’re with a solid and stable company, which would hopefully translate to similar features in your home security system. ADT started as a telegraph company in 1874 and has been around ever since. ADT has the largest market share in the United States and continues to have a strong presence overseas as well.

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Police Dispatch 

ADT 24 hours protection will notify the local police if a break-in or other criminal activity is occurring at your home.

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ADT24 hour Presents Pulse, Home Automation

Interactive touch screen:

With ADT Pulse®, you get to manage your home security with a touch-screen device that basically has access to anything you would need to control your home. The touch screen will allow you to send an emergency alarm, arm your system, view live camera feeds, control the lights, read the news, view photos, check out traffic, and much more.


See the status of your home's security

Receive text and video alerts

Arm or disarm your alarm

Monitor doors, windows and motion sensors

View live video via security cameras

Adjust lights and temperature for comfort or energy-efficiency


Burglary Prevention Tips

Burglary Prevention Tips

It’s your business and you want to do all that you can to protect it, your customers and employees. The reality is that no business is immune to the threat of retail theft.

There is however, much you can do to reduce the threat of retail theft. First, evaluate your potential risks so you know where you might be vulnerable. With a little security planning and practical, cost-effective strategies you could prevent considerable losses.

Here are Practical Theft Prevention Tips

To help you avoid the unpleasant experience of burglary, we’ve created a list of practical theft prevention tips:

Light all exterior points of entry with permanent fixtures that are difficult to reach or tamper with.

Light the interior of your business enough that someone outside the building could see someone inside.

Install a fence or hedge – it’s your first line of defense.

You should be able to see through the fence.

Hedges should be wide, rather than high, and of a prickly, thorny variety.

Install window locks designed and positioned so they cannot be reached and unlocked after breaking the glass.

Install safety glass (glazing). It is highly effective at deterring break-ins.

Install motion detectors to sense movement inside the building.

Install entry protecting alarms to detect the breaking of windows and the opening of doors.

Install point protectors (such as pressure-switch mats) to detect when someone enters a restricted area, such as by a cash register.

Install a deadbolt lock/latch in each exterior door.

Lock overhead and receiving doors with high-quality padlocks.

Tip for Managers:

Insure that all employees receive a written statement of key policies and procedures, and that they acknowledge receipt by their signature.

Make it easy for employees to come forward to report their suspicions or concerns.

Tell employees what to report and when to report it.

Tell employees exactly how the information they provide will be used.

Reassure employees that they are doing the right thing.

Make yourself accessible to employees.

Don't criticize employees who may be over-cautious.

Respond immediately when you receive an employee call for assistance.

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